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AI at CES 2024, Ask The Coffee Badger, Let AI screen candidates

Exploring the Future: AI Innovations at CES 2024, Mastering Coffee with AI Assistance, and Revolutionizing Recruitment Through AI Screening

“Here’s the ironic thing about AI. AI will actually make all of our experiences with technology feel more human…I don’t see a world where there’s less technology in our homes, in the most intimate parts of our lives. And so the role that we play is to really humanize it, to bring it to life, to help the world understand how it can make their lives better.

Corie Barry, Best Buy CEO at CES

☕️ Sending this email 1 day late as we have been at CES Las Vegas this past week roasting up fresh insights from Vesta Coffee Roaster and connecting with 130K + people at CES in Las Vegas. The coffee at Vesta is an art, just like the tech showcased at CES...

CES 2024 unfolded with AI taking the spotlight, leaving its mark on healthcare, automotive, environment, robotics, and beyond. 

In true Vegas style, some things stay secret, but not here on The Deputy. The Deputy, is basically a bunch of coffee drinkers who are solving recruiting problems.

In the world of AI, one thing's clear: there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Let's kickstart this AI party!

Vesta Coffee Roasters - Our morning coffee meet-up was here

In today’s email:

  • Job News: AI is here. What goes on in Vegas, stays in... 🧳

  • Overheard at coffee: Did you ask the Coffee Badger how to make that coffee? 🦡

  • Trending AI Tools: Say goodbye to routine phone screens. Screendoor.ai can do interviews for you. 🤠

  • Hot Jobs: (keep scrolling down ⬇️)

  • Recruiting Fails: Candidates who shame the hiring manager for not getting the job.

Job News

AI is here and has already made its mark, and it's clear you don't need to attend big tech events like CES in Las Vegas to understand its impact. The primary news surrounding AI in the workforce is it’s rapidly increasing integration into everyday tasks. A recent study by the global research firm Omdia revealed that 38% of organizations have fully adopted AI, with an additional 25% in the process of implementation.

My own survey, conducted within my LinkedIn network and focused on the recruiting industry, supports Omdia's findings. The survey asked how recruiting professionals should incorporate AI into their tasks, such as creating job descriptions, using AI note-takers, and deploying interview bots. The responses from ~50 people were as follows:

  • 38% advocated for fully embracing AI

  • 31% suggested implementing AI cautiously

  • 19% recommended investing in AI education

  • 12% advised for strict AI regulations.

At events like CES, it's evident that AI is becoming increasingly commonplace. Soon, its novelty will fade as it becomes a standard tool in our daily lives.

The field of General AI (GenAI) is evolving rapidly, with businesses integrating GenAI technologies into their software and applications. However, challenges such as data quality, governance, security, and a lack of AI literacy and technical skills remain.

It's crucial to be vigilant about how AI is being used. Part of your responsibility involves ensuring that AI assistants are not trained with biases. Think of your role as similar to that of a teacher: learn about AI, then educate others on its use, while also teaching the AI assistant.

Here’s an action plan for engaging with AI now:

1. Review your brand and workflow. Implement AI in some processes for training purposes. You can start with ChatGPT or another AI assistant.

2. Experiment with the known and unknown about your business and observe AI's solutions.

3. Test your AI with a diverse group to identify potential biases. Be open minded, learn and teach your AI assistant what you want it to know.

4. Focus on areas where AI is beneficial to your work and remain conscious of any biases in the AI tools you develop.

There's significant investment in AI development aimed at building more with AI and overcoming the challenges of AI. 130K people just went to CES in Vegas to talk about AI…now it’s time to create.

AI is a reality, and while no one has mastered it completely, the time to start engaging with it is now.

A couple of AI Reveals from CES 24…

Overheard at coffee ☕️

Imagine you're keen on improving your home coffee-making skills or figuring out why your coffee sometimes tastes bitter…

This is where the Coffee Badger (you need GPT subscription to use it) comes in. Here's a bit of self-promotion: I developed this GPT-based tool and am now sharing it with you. I've personally been following its French Press brewing guide, and the results are delightful.

You can ask The Coffee Badger anything you want about coffee. He keeps surprising me with coffee knowledge bombs.

🚀 Meet screendoor.ai - it empowers recruiters and hiring managers to conduct effective initial screens with candidates. We are testing it out with Ramp Talent. Ask Taylor “bye bye Vikings” Nelson OR Nate “adios Seahawks” Smith about there thoughts on screendoor.

🔥 Hot Jobs - $1K Referral Fee

  • LVT - LiveView Technologies (come build technology to decrease crime and make communities safer) - $1B Unicorn valuation

  • Database Developer at e-Commissions - remote - (4D, Python, SQL PostgreSQL)

  • Lead Executive Assistant for Coca Cola! - Unlimited Diet Coke and In office in Draper, UT - (Lead a team of 4 EAs and handle all EA duties for the CEO)

  • Superintendent at Westland Construction - must live in St. George, UT OR be willing to relocate there.

  • Coming Soon:

    • VP of Growth at a growth stage consumer services company.

    • VP of Legal Services at leading commercial HVAC company.

    • Full-Stack Engineer in India

Recruiting Fails: At Ramp, we encountered a situation where a candidate, believing he was qualified, was rejected for a job. We provided him with feedback on why he didn't get the position. However, he responded by sending a confrontational email to the hiring manager, challenging his decision-making skills…

A month later, upon noticing a new job listing at the same company, he expressed his displeasure in the form of hostile email to our lead recruiter for not being considered for this role.

To all candidates: remember that hiring managers and recruiters are people too. Reacting negatively or sending hostile emails can significantly diminish your chances of being hired. Instead of acting impulsively, it's better to accept feedback graciously and move forward constructively.

Do you have recruiting Fail Stories? Reply with your epic fails – we'll feature them. Own your blunders, embrace vulnerability, and let's all level up together.

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