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  • Nvidia's $1.8T value, new hot jobs and everyone at Sephora gets a cookie

Nvidia's $1.8T value, new hot jobs and everyone at Sephora gets a cookie

While everyone hears about Bezos or Musk, less people talk about Jensen Huang and Nvidia. Meanwhile we have 4 new jobs at Bay area start-ups and every Sephora employee got a cookie after the company hit $10B in sales

“Smart people focus on the right things.”

Jensen Huang

In the U.S. in the year 1800…75% of workers were in agriculture. That number is now 1.2%. I love cows, pigs, fruits and veggies that agriculture brings to us but these jobs disappeared through increases in productivity and automation. The same is true in manufacturing where BIG numbers of factory workers were replaced by robots. Just because you have a degree or work in “management” in a cushy home office, don’t think your fancy words can’t be impacted by automation.

In today’s email:

  • Job News:  Who is this $1.8T company Nvidia? 🤖

  • Overheard at coffee: The real life version of Clark Griswold’s, “Jelly of the month of club” 🪼

  • Trending AI Tools: Ahh sheet man. Finally an AI tool to help me with Google Sheets 🛠️

  • Hot Jobs: (keep scrolling down ⬇️)

  • Recruiting Fails: Asking 3 recruiters to contact the same candidate will not help you hire fast.

Job News

While Nvidia's pivotal role in advancing AI technology is well-known among tech enthusiasts, the story behind its CEO and founder, Jensen Huang, is less familiar. For over 30 years, Jensen has been the mastermind behind Nvidia, quietly shaping it into a powerhouse. This Monday, while many of us were foggy after the Super Bowl, Nvidia's market value hit a staggering $1.8 trillion, surpassing even tech giant Amazon.

Nvidia, primarily recognized for its high-performance GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), caters to a diverse range of sectors including gaming, cryptocurrency mining, and professional applications. These GPUs, distinct from CPUs (Central Processing Units), are engineered for efficient graphics and code processing, making them vital for advanced computing tasks.

Underpinning this technological evolution, Sam Altman of OpenAI is intensifying efforts in semiconductor production – the key ingredient in crafting electronic devices like GPUs. His goal? To acquire more GPUs to make AI accessible globally. Sam's ambitious plan estimates a need for $7 trillion in funding to meet the GPU demand essential for democratizing AI.

The big takeaway for job news is that everyone can now be a programmer because people who have domain knowledge in a certain field (i.e., farming or pick your job) can now use AI to automate their work and there is no need to learn a programming language. AI has broken down the technology divide. 

Jensen Huang’s advice to young adults starting out their career…”learn biology and life sciences”. You can apply AI to what you learn.

Watch Jensen Huang’s interview at the World Government Summit 2024 to get more insight.

We seem to be at the start of a new industrial revolution with AI and many are doing what they can with it. As I talk with recruiting clients, speak with others at conferences and walk the halls of the co-working space I work out of - I hear people talking about AI and I see people on ChatGPT or some form of it (i.e., Bard, Gemini, etc.).

While an estimated 16 million people were hung over on Monday after the Super Bowl, there were some smart people talking about the current shift we are seeing in technology and work and AI is front and center. Jensen Huang is leading a $1.7T company making things happen behind the scenes. 

Wherever you are with your AI views, there is a company valued at $1.8T. It’s time to do something.

Overheard at coffee ☕️

The real life version of Clark Griswold’s, “Jelly of the month of club”. Personal care and beauty products company, Sephora, sent out cookies to “reward” employees after hitting $10B in revenue in North America. 

Employee at Sephora: “I can’t wait until we hit $10B in sales so I can get a bonus and install a swimming pool”

Management at Sephora: “Congratulations. You did it. You helped us hit $10B in sales and we have a frosted sugar cookie for you”.

Employee: Uggh. 

Management: It’s the thought that counts. 

A good MBA degree sometimes forgets to use street smarts and common sense. Reward those who hustle and give cookies to those who just show up. 

☕️ Get some freshly roasted coffee beans below. 👇

🚀 Ah sheet man. Finally an AI tool to help me with Google Sheets…

The other day I used ChatGPT to create a complex formula. Complexity is in the eye of the beholder but for me it was a hard formula and led me to search for AI tools to get better with Google Sheets and meet Sheet Copilot.

This tool allows you to automate Google sheet work flows with AI. You can now look a few degrees smarter with your boss or team.

🔥 Hot Jobs - $1K Referral Fee

Recruiting Fails: Asking 3 recruiters to work on the same role will not help you hire candidates any faster…

At Ramp, we sometimes get asked to work on a job where there is an internal recruiter, a few other recruiting agencies and us to help find candidates. It often leads to recruiters talking to the same candidates and recruiters moving in a rushed and sloppy way to speak with the same candidates.

In this fail - the candidate lives far away from the job and the recruiters didn’t do their research and they waste everyone’s time and also destroy the candidates perception of the company. 

This happens more often than you think.

How many recruiters does it take to contact a candidate?

Do you have recruiting Fail Stories? Reply with your epic fails – we'll feature them. Own your blunders, embrace vulnerability, and let's all level up together.

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