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  • Olive Garden uses AI to screen dishwashers and people at Boeing are overworked

Olive Garden uses AI to screen dishwashers and people at Boeing are overworked

Can AI screen dishwashers, the people of Boeing need some rest to figure out their safety issues and Sora videos are coming soon

“My first job was washing dishes in the basement of a nursing home for $2.10 an hour, and I learned as much about the value of hard work there as I ever did later.”

Douglas Preston

☕️ As the ancient legend/myth goes about the discovery of coffee…In Ethiopia, a goat herder named Kaldi noticed his goats acting lively after eating red berries from a certain bush. Trying the berries himself, he felt energized and shared his find with monks, who initially rejected them but then brewed the roasted berries into a drink. This discovery led to coffee, now a global symbol of vitality and alertness. 🔥

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  • Job News:  Man, I just want a Dishwasher job 🧽

  • Overheard at coffee: People don’t get stupider. WTF is going on at Boeing? ✈️

  • Trending AI Tools: Sora by OpenAI generates complex video scenarios. 📽️

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  • Recruiting Fails: Typos on resumes are still a reason to decline a candidate

Job News

Did you ever think AI would play a role in hiring Dishwashers? The next time you eat at Olive Garden, pay attention to the dishes. Better, see what you think of the Dishwasher’s personality. Olive Garden recently started using blue avatars by Paradox.ai to screen for the personalities of Dishwasher job applicants.  

You can wash the dishes that the breadsticks at Olive Garden are eaten on but, you need to pass a 60 slide presentation geared towards your personality. 

My experience as a Dishwasher

I have worked as a Dishwasher before and I was good at the job but not sure if I would have passed the personality test that Olive Garden is asking applicants to take…

It was in the late 90s while I was in college. I got free food and about $6.25 per hour. My co-worker was a guy named Jesse who was on work release from jail. A day in the life of a dishwasher involves washing dishes, listening to loud music in the back of the kitchen and getting wet and dirty because you are washing dishes. 

My co-worker, Jesse, was quiet and seemed to have a good personality. I got to know him a little better over various dishwashing shifts and found out he stole a few items from Wal-Mart. Not the biggest criminal, but not the smartest guy around. I mean, who else is going to work in a dark kitchen, get paid minimum wage and wash dishes? 

Perhaps an AI personality test would screen out Jesse but he was a loyal dishwasher. He never missed a day of work and it was his get out of jail ticket. I would like to think that job helped him turn his life around.

I got the job because my friend was a server there and she recommended me for the dishwasher job. I did an interview and got the job. The dishwashing team was me and Jesse and the restaurant needed clean dishes and it was up to us to get them clean. 

AI and the future of hiring

Fast forward, 25+ years later and anytime I do dishes, I think about that job. Now, as an executive and technical recruiter I submit to say that it would be hard to hire for dishwashers. Let’s be real - the job is not easy, doesn’t pay well and the conditions are not good. 

Instead of focusing on AI technology to screen candidates, Olive Garden should focus on the work environment of a Dishwasher. I imagine the conditions are not good.

I am a big proponent of using AI and technology to make the hiring process better but I can’t imagine asking 19 year old Ben and Jesse to take a personality test to wash dishes. I would have probably done it, but not sure if I would have passed the AI personality test. 

If anything, make sure candidates know what they are getting into with work. Perhaps, AI can offer a simulation or something and see if people want to do the work. 

I know washing dishes isn’t a good job to aspire to be, but it’s a needed job. We need clean dishes to eat on. Yes, there is automation (i.e., dishwasher) that helps this job, but someone needs to oversee an automated dishwasher. 

Rather than spend time on an AI hiring assessment to screen candidates, I would invest time and money into robots and automation that can do the dishes. I have to believe there is a robot that can do dishes better than humans. 

Meanwhile, I need to do the dishes at my house right now. My kids haven’t yet figured out how to clean up their dishes after breakfast. Perhaps I should start by asking them to take a 60 slide personality test?

Overheard at coffee ☕️

People don’t get stupider. People get overworked, people get pushed to do things they probably shouldn’t do.” - Cliff Collier - Aerospace Manufacturing Consulting.

There are people problems at Boeing…

Boeing has had problems lately (i.e., missing bolts off doors, trash and empty tequila bottles found in the planes). And by far the worse of the problems, two fatal crashes in 2018 and 2019 that left 346 people dead.

Their old motto of, “If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going” is being tested. Get ready for a lot of people who will be going out from Boeing. They are already taking steps to make things better. Their Executive Chief over the 737 Max plane is stepping down after several safety and quality issues.

The investigations are still pending and it seems that their push over profits are the cause of a lot of their issues. An insider friend of mine, who is a key supplier to Boeing and serves in an executive level, told me the FAA and Boeing have been too close for years and he is not surprised by their latest issues. 

They have a recipe for disaster. Less focus on quality control, pushing everyone hard to meet deadlines which can impact quality over quantity and now upcoming union and labor issues. 

Let’s hope for everyone’s safety that Boeing fixes their quality issues. Many of their competitors like Airbus are taking center stage. 

Boeing is working on regaining trust and they need to focus less on production and more about quality and safety. Companies who care more, win. Boeing has proven they can care and they need to get back to caring more about the quality of their product and it will take talented and rested people to regain trust.

If you are overworked in your job, don’t quit. Just take a break and come back to your work. Rest is important.

☕️ Good coffee helps do good work. Get some freshly roasted coffee beans below. 👇

🚀 Sora by OpenAI generates complex video scenarios. Sora is not available to the general public but seeing the demos makes me wonder if this is the beginning of the metaverse that we have been hearing about.

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Recruiting Fails: Having a typo on your resume will still hurt you. The other day we had a meeting with a hiring manager where a marketing executive candidate misspelled something obvious on their LinkedIn profile. 

It was hard for me to defend the candidate because of the error…

Dear Candidates - Proofread your resume. Hiring managers can be sticklers. 

Do you have recruiting Fail Stories? Reply with your epic fails – we'll feature them. Own your blunders, embrace vulnerability, and let's all level up together.

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